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 Not much Im so hungover went to longrain with tamy and Mike mixed toomany cocktails plus wine oh my i feel rank!

meeting up with dimi this arvo gives me time to freshen up. 

havent had meat for over a week as well as no dairy - i feel so damn good!! i love it so much!!!!


Im doing Jenny Craig again next week. Photos cant lie...im so fat....
Im going to do a weekly thing just to see if i can actually get committed and lose this damn fat from all over my body!!

Food Blog Yey

So I have finally bucked down and created a food blog.
Its only new, very simple, uncompleted but I doubt it ever will be.


Its going to be able food made and eaten yum! its a great excuse to always ensure im eating great food. My most important thing however, remembering to take pictures before i lift that fork! I already forgot yesterday!

Anyway everyone please check it out.


An experience

So there are all these new and cheap places opening up in Newtown, I have let everyone know about the great experience I had at BurgerFuel for which I am now a regualr customer (well as regular as I can be without getting obese) but anyway I had yet to experience BBNT a.k.a Burgers, Burritos, Nachos and Tacos. Knowing this place was going to open up soon I did some research to see what it was all about hoping it would be the great new cheap food place for me, however the website shone a new light on this Franchise. What was this person on when they created the site, or the place? City faggots? poofers and wankers.... enticing...I think not. My thoughts, lets just not try it out at all, but knowing me, how can I resist trying new things especially if it could be a replacement of the lost Taco Bell.

What can I say, understandly it was 11:30 pm after a laughter filled event watching Borat eat Azermats ANUS but we were in high spirits. We walked in to no line but no service either, followed by a 'just one minute' understandably only 2 employees, it could get tough so we thought we would be patient.
Time went on...no service, then finally a completely uninterested young man asked if our orders had been taken, surprising sinc ehe had been standing there all along filling taco sheels into there trays but hey who cares, give this guy a chance right? Wrong! Mumbling words we couldnt understand, we placed our orders. I got a Pack 5 - Burrito, Small Nachos and drink -$15 Eddie got a Pack 3 - Burger taco and drink.
We sat down and waited....and waited...and waited... luckily there was one employee who came in later who was quite nice but overall it was a long 'fast food' wait.

Finally we got our meals and took it home.

Lets start off with my Nachos, a foil tray filled with plain corn chips tops with a thin layer of rubberised cheese so effective that when i lifed one chip the whole thing rose out of the container WOW magic. I poured the salsa and sour cream and tried to eat it...TRIED to eat it. I had to stop the nachos since it became a hard mess that was just not worth it so i moved onto the burrito, considering the long wait, no line thus no customers, my burrito was almost icy cold, taking the first bite was like eating 2 day of sandwich...not that I have tried but lets just imagine, soggy combination of salsa, hard beef, lettuce, and somehting else (i have no idea) i Think i could have honestly made a better burrito straight out of OlD El Paso!

Overall beyond disappointing. I know this is the sort of place where you are not meant to have high expectations of the food, its meant to be good take away food but hmmm I think Maccas could satisfy me more and come to think of it...could it be the reincarnation of 5 Star Kebab across the road!!?? it could possibly be!

I beg of you if in newtown and want that take away mexican fix, go to Guzman Y Gomez, get take away from Newtons Cocina, do not step foot in BBNT its turned me off food even today, worst meal ever.

I give it - minus 5 Burritos.
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week 2

forgot to mention in week two
I lost another 1 kg so thats 2.6kgs so far...!

going to dims tonight havent seen he in ages...
I can finally do an upside down V


Just got my AFI ticket...well Bill got it for me...im excited! YEYEYE
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